Schedule for the 2003 SilmarillionAThon. Moved here to reduce clutter on the main page.

You signed up for chapters below. Unless you didn't. Please note that the times given were highly approximate.

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I'm claiming chapters that I think might be interesting, but I have no special attachment to any of them, so ask me if you want one of the chapters I've claimed. --MichaelVrable

 *=especially negotiable (I feel like I'm being a battle whore at the moment... '(Is that an implement similar to a battleaxe...?)')  --MicahSmukler

I just hijacked at lot of chapters, but the only ones I'm particularly vehement about are "Darkening of Valinor" and "Voyage of Earendil".. feel free to poke at me and ask me to give up the others if you want them. --RobinBaur

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