1. The alum that results from those frosh chem experiments
  2. An alumnus of HarveyMuddCollege who comes back to scare the froshies

Wow. Way to alienate all of your friends who happen to be a little bit older than you. Fucker.


Has the usage of "sketchy" changed over the last few years? It's being thrown around much more this year than it was last year, and I'm not sure whether the percieved (or intended) impact of the word has varied similarly. Thoughts? --FrancesHocutt

Well, the November 18, 2005, edition of The Student Life notes:

Sketch is sleazy, “sketch is the food at Frank, the stuff labeled ‘meat casserole,’” said Alysia Bosworth ’07. For some, sketch almost seems to be a lifestyle. It’s that odd area of questionable origins that can seem both enticing and repellant at the same time. The use of sketchiness as a term connoting sleaziness is not unique to Pomona. By most accounts, the word gained its current meaning a few years back on the East Coast, and has since migrated to Southern California.

Speaking as a (former) Pennsylvania resident, I never heard the term "sketchy" used much back in high school. I only really encountered it here at Mudd, so my view of the term is shaped heavily by how others are using it. --MartinPyne


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