A SuperSmashBrothers staple, using Jigglypuff:

 DownA? in midair
 DownB? upon completion of DownA? (assuming, of course, you have caught a PoorUnfortunateSoul? underneath you.)

Commonly accompanied by these sounds:

Insanely even more effective in SuperSmashBrothersMelee (although no longer with the DownA? part, so there's a lot more KAPWWWWINGG and BLOOM and ""Damnit!"" and a lot less bambambambambambam)

The worthwhileness of this page has been questioned.
This move is awesome against an unsuspecting player but can, unfortunately, easily be blocked by blocking before the DownB? attack.
 * ah you may THINK so, but if you try to block it you're open to a throw...

As a side note, Lyka is one of the Planeteers. --Actually, IMDB says it's "Linka."

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