PRONOUNS: Skye is genderqueer and uses a set of pronouns accurately described as "'they' but without the TH". These pronouns are also singular instead of plural. In the event that you must describe Skye with regular pronouns, "he" is strongly preferred.

Skye is currently living in Carlsbad (not the cave) and working for a ludicrously small startup that [redacted due to non-disclosure agreement]. Skye's lease allows em to live with DanCiliske, BenFreeland, and "[one (1) gray and white cat]".


 14:36:41 < FallingSkye?> hatbot, why do you love me so?
 14:36:48 < hatbot> FallingSkye?:  it's awesome!

How to Find Skye On The Internet:
AIM: vampirecoffee42
Livejournal, Steam, Facebook, LoL, Twitter, ManyOthers: vampirecoffee
GuildWars: Lucertola Eidechse and some other characters (anything named "Helberg" on a US server is me)
GuildWars2: vampirecoffee.2453
BattleNet?: vampirecoffi#1942

How To find Skye In Real Life:
August 2012-present: Carlsbad (not the cave) with DanCiliske and BenFreeland
Mar 2012-August 2012: San Diego with DanCiliske
Jan-Mar 2012: Seattle with AdrienSebree
Fall 2011: CGU A305 (with DanCiliske and BenFreeland)
Summer 2011: San Francisco
Summer 2010-Spring 2011: Sontag 107C (in TacBac 2). Frequently also in HatWood? or Sontag 204.
Fall 2009-Summer 2010: Sontag 102D (in TacBac) or Case Library or CGU Apartments or Memphis or AT322
Summer 2009 after August 14: Sontag 102D
Summer 2009 before August 14: Sontag 106B
Fall 2008-Spring 2009: East 128 (Lounge Troll)
Spring 2008: Scripps, Kimberly 108, or SuiteBetrayal couch
Fall 2007: West Practically-Living-In-Platt

Has a Miata. With the help of DanCiliske, drove said Miata from Memphis to California in 2 and a half days. The fact that Dan fit in the Miata is what caused Skye to name it the Tardis.

Skye is strongly associated with housing shenanigans. Shenanigans include, but are not limited to, being a frosh with an off-campus single, SontagFirstFloorTreasonClusterFuck, moving rooms during the summer but long before school starts, being more aware of the move-in dates of the next occupant of eir current room than F&M, not being present at RoomDraw for the only draw in which ey pulled on eir own number, turning TacBac into a suite name that can be passed on, and pulling the first ever off-campus apartment in RoomDraw.

Previous owner of Rorschach. Rorschach has been sold to fund a netbook, textbooks, and purchase of additional DonutMan donuts. Rorschach has been sort-of-replaced by Banzai (courtesy DanCiliske ).

Had partial ownership of Indy, the Blue-Tongued Skink during 2010-2011. MattRichman now has full ownership.

SkyeBerghel listens to metal music, classical, dance music, and symphonic dance metal.

Skye is a Senior-ish due to taking a Leave Of Absence in Fall 2009, making em the last PlattFrosh to take an LOA or ITR.

Ey was an EngineeringMajor until ey came to eir senses. Now ey is a CSMajor. For evidence see schedules.

Hobbies Include:

Fountain Completion Run Status:


"I keep getting screwed in Bang."

"Look! A free bagel!"

"I'm not a vegetarian because I like animals. I'm a vegetarian because I hate plants."

"Who wants to go to the Motley and get some hippie food!"

"Why should I install a better driver when I can just hit the 'Fuck the wireless' button?"

"I like eating grasshoppers. They taste like thin mints and have the same crunchiness."

"Right, pints aren't metric. I keep forgetting that."

"I'm fighting the ancient battle of mind against mattress."

"Four-by-fours are totally metal."

(as a clue in Contact) "Every time I see cake, I think of this show."

(on E4) "It's like having a job, but without the part where you get paid."

"Don't put pennies and batteries in the same pocket of your pants. It's a bad idea."

"It's like an ice cube combined with a sharp thing!"

(10:53:14 PM) Patroklos: I mean, doesn't that make all of you slightly bad human beings for advocated this behavior
(10:53:30 PM) Skye|Laptop: what, the trolling, or the raping?
(10:53:39 PM) Skye|Laptop: i don't adovocate trolling

"Raid smells like bacon."

"Well, say I'm a suicidal donut."

"Oh hey look, I can eat myself!"

"The Odyssey is like the greek version of Gurren Lagann"

ChrisSauro: Let's go to EMO
SkyeBerghel: How do we do that?
ChrisSauro: What do you mean?
SkyeBerghel: Well, Pomona is one way and not-Pomona is the other way.
(At this point, I was so dumbfounded and had no clue what to say, so I just let em fall back asleep and tried again. Sleep dep is a wonderful thing --ChrisSauro)

"Don't drip things on me!"

"Are you wearing pants?!"

"By 'sexual' I mean 'sex'."

"Whoa! Salt water is salty!"

ChrisSauro: I'm not seven
SkyeBerghel: (disappointedly) Awwwwwwww....

"What you said came across as 'First we let women get a degree, and then we all have to move to Nebraska.'"

"The wheel hasn't been redesigned in centuries, we need to make it safer so cars don't run people over"

"you see, jason, i trust your judgement"

"ok, jason has a point"

"In terms of breakfasts they are quite similar!" --on why Ireland and Britain are the same thing when it comes to eggs with toast

"[...] Dungeons and Kinky Dragons [...]"

"All this murder is making me hungry"

"In the early days of printing, they couldn't cut paper."


Currently watching:

Later (in "whatever I feel like" order):


Recommended by Skye

Video Games! Currently Playing:

Multiplayer Games:

Heap / On Hold:

Recently Completed:

Recently Uncompleted:

Games Without Much/Any? Plot That I Will Play At The Drop Of A Hat:

Want to add stuff to the list? Drop a recommendation here. Please note that due to my hearing issues I tend not to play games that are poorly subtitled (although the presence of Assassin's Creed up there shows you I'm willing to make exceptions).


  * KatieBennett
  * DanCiliske
  * ChrisSauro
  * StephanieLevins
  * SarahLoeb

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