Affectionate nickname for EZ Takeout, which is noted for such delicacies as 99-cent burgers on Sunday and Wednesday nights, and BoysenberryShakes. Mmmmm, grease.

Essentially, it is the same exact food as In-N-Out, except for the fries. SleazyBurger has arguably better fries.

Oh, and apperently "Jesus loves you" if you eat there. Scary, huh?

I suspect that Jesus loves you even if you don't eat there... but they feel that reminding you is a Good Thing.

MattDharm? once dared TimBuchheim to eat a TakeFive with cheese, fries, and a large BoysenberryShake. Tim ate it all, which impressed Matt. Matt then went and did the same thing. Can you do eat this much too?

I haven't tried that yet, but I did finish forty-eight Chicken McNuggets? at the NuggetChallenge? freshman year... how does that compare? The winner ate 87.

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