South Dorm is a building that looks like EastDorm but is the upgraded model. Last of the QuadDorms to be built, it has AirConditioning, lots of single rooms, Unicyclers, and now the imprint of GoTeam.

South has been annexed by East as of Fall 2011. We're not sure if they've noticed yet.

South has, in my opinion, the worst architecture of the quad dorms for fostering dorm community. It's like the non-quad dorms in that respect, and is therefore sucky.
I don't think the architecture is why SouthDorm doesn't have a dorm community like East (there are pretty major divisions in North and West, too). I think it's more that people live in South who don't care about the community and are only living there because it's singles. If you live in EastDorm, it's because either you were put there and are a frosh, or because you want to live with the people who live there. About half of the people living in SouthDorm only want the single and don't care about the other people living there.

That may be; but as someone who hung out at South probably more than at East, first semester frosh year - I'd say the *other* half had community just like East does, at the time I posted that, being '03-ish. It might still, or it might not; I haven't been there recently. -AdamField You'll note that this page was last updated when dinosaurs romed the campus. That picture is from 2000-2001. Things change, even dorm personalities.

In a lot of ways SouthDorm's milder community lends itself to more respect among the residents than can be found in EastDorm in recent years.

2019: the East annex from 2011 does not seem to have moved much. South is a bit of a satellite community from East. Many members of each dorm know each other and are friendly terms. They're like the US and the UK - related but not the same. Also there was no revolution.

As a Southie in 2019, it is with a sad heart that I must report that room draw has similar issues as our predecessors in 2011. Many people living in South do not care about South and only want a single. We do have a dorm community though, and our lounge is objectively better than East's.


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