One day, outside Lower EDC, a black widow spider arrived. There had indeed been many black widow sightings that year, but not many at EastDorm. So needless to say everybody was panicked and the black widow, after much cajoling, was put into one of SamWheeler's cups (by RavagoJones) covered with cardstock. Since nobody had the heart to actually kill the spider, it was left out in the Ounge with the message "if you see one of these, call F&M." It was then promptly named GerAld?.

An ethical dilemma soon arose that the Easties were just letting GerAld? die of starvation and suffocation in a cup, so a very small hole was created to allow bugs and oxygen to get in. So as of November 12th, 2023, GerAld? is still in the Ounge just sort of... sitting there.

GerAld? indeed makes an appearance in ItalianSpiderman? (but at the very end).

Update: as of November 18 2023, GerAld? is no more. After much debate on what to do with GerAld? and the ethical dilemma behind holding it in a cup for days on end, it was decided to put GerAld? down. GerAld? is now serving as a model in resin art.

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