Okay, I know it's not out yet, but I just found out that it's directed by SamRaimi! That's totally awesome. Rumor has it that BruceCampbell even has a cameo in it! I'm totally excited for this movie. The rumor is true. He's the announcer for the wrestling match. He is also the usher at the theater in Spider-Man 2, as well as the voice of the (very amusing) tutorial-type guy in both movie games.

AlexBobbs thought this movie was totally awesome. In fact, I'd have to say that, if not the best superhero movie I've ever seen, this comes pretty damn close. Its characters were surprisingly complex for this type of movie (I loved the Jeckel/Hyde? act they pulled with one particular character), the action sequences were superb and easy to follow, and the story, while it stuck to the standard superhero movie formula, executed the formula very well. I also liked how closely it stuck to its comic book orgins, down to the costumes, the dialogue ("I'll get you next time, Spiderman!"), and the incredible action. This is how superhero movies should be made.

Spiderman 2 was an excellent follow-up, but I think I enjoyed the original a bit more, largely because the novelty of how they handeled Spidey's web-slinging had worn off by 2004. Aside from that, it was great fun, and overall Dr. Octopus made a better villain than the Goblin. I was a little disappointed that they simplified Peter's apprehensions about dating Mary Jane. In the first movie it seemed that his rejection of her was a complicated sentiment born out of guilt, fear, and emotional paralysis, something I obviously relate to. This time it was just played up as simple prudence: he doesn't want liabilities for his enemies to use against him. On a side note, I think this series is becoming a triumph of bad science. The mention of tRNA as a means of genetic transfer in the original and the "inhibitor chip" in the sequel both had me giggling.

KimEspinoza thought this movie was fun, especially on a plane.

RichardGarfinkel thought this movie was very, very good. And then Spider-Man 2 came out and blew it out of the *expletive expletive expletive* water. Also, those who are fond of VideoGames should get the Spider-Man 2 game. Apparently people haven't entirely forgotten how to make good superhero games.

AdamField still hasn't ever seen the original. But he saw the second anyway, and even without any more knowledge than what I got from Weird Al's song about it on Poodle Hat, SpiderMan 2 still blew me out of the water with its awesomeness.

LoriThomas has vowed never to speak of the second one of those again. (This isn't speaking, only typing.) She was moved to tears by it, and not in the good way. The science the plot depended upon made her sad, as did the motivation and choices of the characters involved. At least she went to a bookstore and acquired a vaguely decent book, so the trip wasn't entirely wasted. She realizes she is in the minority on this one, but strongly doesn't recommend it. (For the record, she thought the first one was fun.)


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