SquareSoft was a games company, probably best known for its CRPGs (FinalFantasySeven did quite a lot to introduce the genre lots of people, or so I hear) but also responsible for at least distributing several other games in various other genres.

A few years ago it merged with Enix to form SquareEnix?. (perhaps someone should rename this page, and add old Enix and new squenix games? --TimBuchheim)

Depending on whom you ask, Square may no longer be the console gaming giant it once was, say around the end of the SuperNintendo's lifetime (admittedly, a lot of SNES games are still a lot of fun, but there aren't really any games produced for it any more...), when they produced FinalFantasySix, ChronoTrigger, and SeikenDensetsuThree (considered by many to be the high points of their respective series -- perhaps RomancingSagaThree? also falls into this category, but it's hard to find a complete translation of). Still, a number of recent games from them have been at least worth playing, even if not top-notch.

Square titles include:

(more or less CRPGs)

(Also, Square has been responsible for games in other genres):

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