The day prior to LongTallGlasses 2018, a motley assortment of frosh (and some others) began folding roses with stems out of STEMS homework provided by BenLehman, CassieRossi, and GavinYancey. Main contributors to this effort included SydneyTowell, AelyAronoff, PiperLangerWeida, SerenityWade. AelyAronoff estimates that the frosh manufactured around 250 roses in total before the prank was executed.

The next night after LongTallGlasses, at around 3:30 AM, a group of Frosh snuck over to NorthDorm and put STEMS roses in the penholders of every NorthDorm door whiteboard, as well as used the remaining roses to spell "E A S T !" across NorthDorm 's fishbowl wall.

Frosh part of this mission included: StephanieClifner, CalebNorfleet, EmmaCuddy, DylanSotir, OliverBaldwin, DillonCoville, AelyAronoff, KatieSimon?, JayRodolitz and SerenityWade.

NorthDorm seemed to like the prank and sent a nice email to schmack the next day. Throughout the day as they cleaned up, they also rearranged the roses on the wall to read "F A S T !" and then "F A R T !"

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