Biting JeffBrenion

As of Spring 2004: StephGrush is a ScrippSie. Yes, it's true. Double major: CS/studio art.

StephGrush lives in BrightonPark? 143FoUr?!

She has lots of snakes.

Stuff I watch: GroupStoryTwo, CampaignList, QuoteLists

StephGrush's wiki-related titles:

Other titles held?


Steph is the guy.

[On FrogsAreBad:] You may have written it, but it's by me. --JulieWortman

"It's not the cheescake! It's the hell!" -- [Steph] on CS70

 [Steph and Will are struggling with Graphics.]
 Will: Why?!
 Steph: Z.

"Half of us were men and all I learned is that I can't tango." --StephGrush

56 minutes. Julie, you WikiWhore.

MacKenzieStuart says she's sorry, but she lies. SHE LIES!


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