"He was our only Rayhawk..." -- JustinRadick?

A former EastiePerson who was InvitedToRetire due to his inability to pass HumOne?. He became known for some of his oddities, such as living under his desk. His RoomMate was AlexWilkins. After he left, he apparently remained subscribed to EastDormSchmack, or at least, an entity identified as SrayhawkAtHmc continued to read and reply to that list.

During Rayhawk's FreshMan year there was a thunderstorm during FinalsWeek. Rayhawk had the GoodIdea of summoning lightning in the quad for NoisyMinutes by launching a model rocket tethered to ground with a copper wire. [Actually this would have been a BadIdea due to the large gas main running under the quad.]


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