Yeah, SeleneTan took out all the binders, which waste some air space because of rings and stuff, and packed it completely with books instead. Actually, it might not be quite as doom-y as before since she thinks she could still fit a couple more 150-page paperbacks ins there.

This is a suitcase of doom I mean it.

Some casualties of the SuitcaseOfDoom (feel free to add yourself here):

- fell on SeleneTan's knee
- rolled over KatieLewis's toes
- rolled on SeleneTan's toes

Quite usually migrates to in front of the sliding glass door where various people such as Jack may run into it.

it is black and has wheels which might mislead gullible people into thinking it could be easily moved.

VeryHeavy? possibly a black hole unto itself

unlike the not-so-large-also-black-little-suitcase-that-can-be-expanded which has been relocated to the top of the wardrobe and has chem book's leaning against it. attempting to lift the SuitcaseOfDoom would be considered a BadIdea and might lead to catastrophic effects on the earth due to Newton's second law. As a side note, the SuitcaseOfDoom itself can be expanded, which is how SeleneTan fit enough books into it that the stack reached about a foot above the rim.

has a corner dedicated to itself

however, is crammed with books which is good

not to be confused with the Luggage from the Discworld books

differences between the Luggage and the SuitcaseOfDoom:

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