SuiteBetrayal died with the Class of 2009. It may have lived up to its name. Originally planned to be a ThreeDimensionalSuite in EastDorm, was instead pulled into reality in 2006-07 as a partially FourDimensionalSuite based out of CaseDorm due to the somewhat...interesting results of RoomDraw 2006. So it's a 3 and a half dimensional suite? If you look at the numbers, more like 3 and one third dimensional.

Members of SuiteBetrayal include:

The actual story behind its genesis deserves to be told here when somebody feels like putting it up. Let's just say it involves Richard's and Kevin's favorite characters from the "Cinematic Shakespeare" Hum1, and then grew from there.

In 2007-08, due to more RoomDraw madness, SuiteBetrayal relocated to LindeDorm 136-140, which will give us both our own lounge (one that we don't sleep in, yay!) and our own FrOsh. Be afraid!

In 2008-2009, SuiteBetrayal was in in AtwoodDorm 216-226.


KevinOelze: I always give back more than I take away.

NancyEisenmenger: It's like SouthPark?, but in real life.

HendrikOrem: Oh god, that's a lot of cock.

MartyField: What? I've played with Aren's balls when he's asleep.

KevinOelze,KwangKetcham, JasonWinerip, KevinOelze(>9001 times by this point), SkyeBerghel: "Blade Trinity is a great movie."

MartinPyne: "Machine is in session! Machine is in session! Fuck, I need to get clothes on at some point!"

HendrikOrem, while pointing at Jason: Hahaha, hahaha, hahahahahahahaha!
JasonWinerip: What?
Hendrik: Nothing.

ArenOlson: Go away, brain!

*KevinOelze comes in, smacks ArenOlson in the face*
KevinOelze: That counts as furry!

JoshuaEhrlich (To JasonWinerip): I trust your judgement.

MartinPyne: Rule 34 should never be applied to Magic School Bus!

MartinPyne: I don't believe it! I couldn't find porn on the Internet!

KevinOelze: Abandon hope, all ye who enter here! It's rule 34 night!
DanCiliske: Alright! *starts taking off belt*
KevinOelze: No, no, not good rule 34!

(04:37:10 AM) SkyeBerghel: The color theorist inside me is dying in horror.

KevinOelze: Aren, how many people have you installed Hardy on?

(As a bunch of people in the lounge are yelling "Yiff! Yiff!")
KwangKetcham: What are they doing out there?
KevinOelze: They're yiffing.

AlexYoung: When suddenly, a wild Jesus appears!

KevinOelze: Let me show you what I learned in my crotch-punching class.
SamJust: Then I'll show you what I learned in my wearing-a-cup class.

KevinOelze: Tim, you're no longer allowed to talk during Naruto.

MartinPyne: Lich king, it's what's for dinner.
KevinOelze: Frostmourne hungers, and so do I!

KevinOelze: Hey Aren, can you knife me for a bit?

TimChallener: At the end of every episode of Heroes they flip a coin. Heads, a character turns out to be a Petrelli. Tails, he switches sides. Edge, both happens. At this point, the coin appears to be a cylinder.

MartinPyne: I'm imagining a giant lambda at the end of the Universe now.

SteveVarelaOHara?: I seem to remember scantily clad cat-women.

SteveVarelaOHara?: Ow! That's my gut! I use that to eat!

(SkyeBerghel and ChrisSauro are kissing)
ArenOlson: Oh, I see you are transferring stuffs.

DanCiliske: Losing your virginity is a negative reinforcement to having sex.

SamJust, to JasonWinerip: You look like Jesus after the fast.

ChrisSauro: Yea, if you shake my pants they do that.

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