In fall 2005, four frosh girls were placed in the back upstairs corner of the dorm farthest from the stairs. For the first few weeks of the semester they hardly even saw their suitemates. Then something happened and they started working on homework together, often staying up very late in the process. Invariably someone would want to go to bed in the room they were working in before everyone else was done with their homework. Shortly before Thanksgiving break they started tossing around the idea of suiting the rooms to solve this problem, but nothing came of it. Some time in the latter part of the semester people started to jokingly call the pair of rooms "SuiteInsomnia" as they apparently thought the frosh never slept (or at least did not sleep nearly enough). Upon arriving back at Mudd for the start of the spring 2006 semsester they decided that if they were ever going to suite the rooms they should do it then, or it was never going to happen - and so they spent the evening before classes started up again rearranging furniture. When people started asking if they had a name for the suite yet the frosh decided that they would call it SuiteInsomnia.

For the 2006-2007 school year the members of SuiteInsomnia will become TimeSuckX.

Members of SuiteInsomnia:

Honorary Members:


Ideas we come up with for Time Suck next year so that we do not forget:


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