SuiteNsour is a 2010-2011 East colony located on first floor Atwood. It has two distinguishing characteristics: almost everyone in the suite dances, and part of the lounge has been turned into a kitchen.

Residents of SuiteNsour include:

FROSH: KatherineMuller?, MichelleLiu?

SOPHOMORES: JessicaStringham, AshleyKretsch?, AlyssaSiegman?

JUNIORS: YoyoZhang? (in suite for fall only), GwenGroover and KatieBennett (technically in the next door efficiency)

SENIORS: CaitlinJacques, SvenWijtmans, EmilyFujimoto

SkylerKaufman will also be living here is the spring.

AdriSebree can be found here much of the time.

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