Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo is a puzzle game for the PlayStation and DreamCast?, in addition to it's arcade incarnations. The idea is to drop colored blocks (red, yellow, green, and blue) to make great big rectangles ("Lozenges") and then break them (using a special round blinky thingie) sending tons of counter blocks (aka "crap") to the other player's playing area, filling his screen, and causing him to lose!

I've found that I do best when I assume my initial observation was correct and there are only three colors. Ignoring the yellows and greens and concentrating solely on the remaining two colors is a strategy that is much more effective than it should be.--DanCicio

It's quite fun, really. It's even fun to watch if you're not playing... in addition to making fun of the players' stupid moves, you can watch the little animated characters fight each other whenever counters (crap) are dropped on one of the players.

Oh, and about the name... It's a Capcom game, so the name is really a bit of fun, as it makes fun some better-known Capcom games, the StreetFighter? series. For years it seemed as if Capcom didn't know how to count past two.. we saw game after game in the StreetFighter? series which had silly words added to them (Turbo, Alpha, etc.) rather than simply incrementing the integer. So even though this is the first and only Puzzle Fighter game, it was given the ridiculous (but fun to say five times fast) title Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo as a bit of a joke. The characters in the game come from StreetFighter? and other Capcom games. (Actually, only one other Capcom game - DarkStalkers?)

There is also a story that goes with the game -- The characters from the Capcom fighting games get bored of competing to see who is the world's strongest warrior, and instead decide to see who is the world's best puzzle game player. Uh. If you can call that a story.

Have you ever wanted to actually have a fighting game with the chibi characters from Puzzle Fighter? It exists! It is called Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix or Pocket Fighter, depending on the incarnation.

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