It's coming out on February tenth!

HamsterBob just created this page to note that Kirby's side-B should be the Rainbow Sword (Dream Land 2) giving him a new set of A attacks instead of the hammer, because now King Dedede has the hammer.

A list of currently confirmed for Brawl characters can be found at [1].

Also, it is currently a WikiIsland. Deal with it.

Also - who added the ridiculously awesome amount of info below? If I hadn't heard anything about him since the year started, I would guess that Jeremy still frequents funwiki!

Also, this page is pretty out-of-date, especially the bits about characters and stages.

There was a playable demo of Brawl available at E for All a week ago. Some SSBM professionals went and found out a fair amount of stuff about Brawl. I'll post some of the more notable info here. AlexBobbs also went as a representative of IER (since the Annual Mudder E3 Trip organized by IER was cancelled in 2007), but finds all this jibberish about "cancelling" and "dash-dancing" to be scarily nerdy.

Here's info on the characters shown in the demo.

A few new techniques were discovered in the demo, as well.

Stage info:

Some more general comments on the game:

It should be noted that all of the above information was taken from the E4All demo rather than Brawl itself, and much of it isn't true of the completed game (for example, L-cancelling has been totally cut, Peach can't float cancel, moonwalking is out, etc.)


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