Tactical Bacon! A product that is bacon in a can, for when regular bacon will not stay good long enough. Every suite should have some around, so that there is something to eat in case of zombie invasion.

Alternately, a Sontag suite created in Fall 2009 as part of the SontagFirstFloorTreasonClusterFuck containing BishOp, SamJust, BenKeller, SarahLoeb, and SkyeBerghel (who is vegetarian but encourages the possession of TacBac). These 5 people decided that Tactical Bacon was cool enough to name a suite after.

In the Summer of 2010, possession of the Tactical Bacon passed to SarahLoeb, MattRichman, and SkyeBerghel (and their FrOsh). Sontag 107 is now known as TacBac 2: Electric Boogaloo. (This edition of TacBac has a galaxy on the wall. Plans are in force to add a Firefly and a TARDIS.)

In the Summer of 2011, possession of the Tactical Bacon will pass to EricAleshire, BensonKhau, EmilyMyersStanhope?, and BenNormoyle?.

It may be necessary to note that when this page refers to passing on the Tactical Bacon, that passage is not metaphorical.

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