Tamara is a senior PhysicsMajor (astro major?) and a charter member of SporkYou. She occasionally goes by the name SpockFrosh, given to her when monkeys had eight legs, spiders were bipedal, and the current waning eleven year sunspot cycle was at its peak. Tamara used to live with MenchiTheHamster until Menchi left to become a constellation (The Great Emergency Food Supply in the Sky). She also used to live with JessicaFisher (the one who got away) and RachelGabor (the... other one who got away). She now lives in East 120, a room that often contains the following borrowable items:

Finally, she has a last name that is hard to beat as an IhardlyKnowEr joke. Just remember that if you have questions about how to pronounce it.

see also: PurpleGoo, PrefixSexuality, AaaSexual, MadSky


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