Part of the class of 2010. One of those crazy CheMists? (and/or Physicists), or perhaps a EnGineer?. Definitely not a HumMajor.

His MANiker is Tarun No-Cryin (because he's a man.)

Lives in TimeSuckXI for the 2007-2008 school year.

Lived with WesDucey?, suitemates with YanivOvadia and EthanSokol, freshman year.

Format stolen from RichardBowen because I'm too lazy.

What?         What??         Oh, that.                          Who?        Where?  Where??  Oh, there.  When?   Oh, Then.

PHYS051 HM 	01 	Electromagnetic Theory & Optics 	Sahakian 	HM 	GA 	MCAL 	--T-R-- 09:35a 	10:50a
										HM 	TG 	101 	-M-W--- 08:00a 	08:50a
PHYS053 HM 	03 	Electricity & Optics Laboratory 	Esin	 	HM 	JA 	B115 	--T---- 12:40p 	02:40p
CHEM051 HM 	01 	Physical Chem: Thermo & Kinetics	Karukstis 	HM 	PA 	2358 	-M-W-F- 09:00a 	09:50a
CHEM053 HM 	01 	Physical Chemistry Lab			Karukstis	HM 	JA 	1204 	----RF- 01:15p 	05:30p
ENGR059 HM 	01 	Intro to Engineering Systems 		????	 	HM 	GA 	MCAL 	--T-R-- 08:10a 	09:25a
           	  	                        			 	HM 	TG 	101 	-----F- 08:00a 	08:50a
PE001   JP 	10 	Basketball              		Sundberg 	HM 	LAC 	GYM 	----R-- 08:30p 	10:30p
CLAS008A SC     01      Introductory Latin                      Ierulli         SC      BL      219     -MTWR-- 11:00a  11:50a 
HIST103A CM     01      History of the Roman Republic           Bjornlie        CM      PZ      3       -M-W--- 12:00a  01:10a

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