One calm Wednesday afternoon, some Northies had the idea that would change the world: Turn on every shower and flush every single toilet in the entire dorm at once. What other dorm could pull off such a daring, such a magnificent, such a stupid feat but North? So, at 5:32 PM on Feb. 22, 2019, during dorm barbecue, with music blaring and a count-down going, a bunch of us EastiePeople walked over and watched. They turned on all the showers, and then 3... 2... 1...


For a couple seconds, nothing happened. None of the toilets flushed, the water stopped running, and everyone just waited.

And then, everything went back to normal. The toilets eventually stopped flushing, the showers returned to their usual level of middle-low water pressure, and everything was fine and normal.......

Until the next day, when reports reached Mudd that a pipe had burst at Scripps, flooding some rooms on the ground floor of Toll House. It's unclear whether or not these events are linked, but some argue that the timing is simply too good to be a coincidence.

Read the TSL article here: https://tsl.news/oh-s-in-name-of-curiousity-mudders-flush-all-toilets-in-dorm-at-the-same-time/

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