"Awakening from a deep sleep, we find ourselves floating around inside a large spherical transparent Bubble. This is a surprise; we don't remember being here before. Outside, in every direction, myriad stars shine, stationary on a deep-black sky. There are no familiar constellations. There is no nearby sun and no visible planets. We seem to be isolated, stranded in space."

-- Motion 1, the Frosh Physics textbook by ProfessorHelliwell

"It is amusing to launch ourselves off the bubble."

The Bubble encloses HarveyMuddCollege, and to a lesser extent the other ClaremontColleges. It separates the colleges from the RealWorld. When HarveyMudders gather in a large enough group OutsideTheBubble, they can extend the bubble to enclose themselves.

In addition to separating the colleges from the RealWorld, TheBubble has the effect of making RealWorld seem distant, and quite often fictional, to the people inside.

SrayhawkAtHmc, noting the unusual frequency of Mudd refugees and also-rans found there, observes (2000-06-22T11:30-0800) that there appears to be a Fractional Bubble Field at the UcsbCcs?. Experimental manipulations of this peculiar partial coupling are planned.

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