On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, MariaKlawe announced that all classes would be moving online for the rest of the semester due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. In preparation for the imminent exodus, Mudders broke open their reserves of Corona beer, a Doom and Gloom playlist was created on the "Lounge Term" Youtube channel, and the boardgame Pandemic was played. MuddRaker and TheStudentLife? article-worthy angst soon ensued.

After packing belongings in "temporary storage pods", everyone endured the soul-smashing absurdity of ZoomClasses? (to say nothing of ZoomDraw). As compensation, every course that semester had the opportunity to be taken PassFail, including core and major courses.

Unfortunately, the remote life was here to stay awhile, for two more semesters at least. Many Easties stayed home, though others were able to establish remote learning outposts such as the Decapod. During these times, ZoomClasses? endured painfully as ever (with no more PassFail), traditions were sidelined (with the exceptions of ShAnime and FMM), and into it all, a new generation of Frosh was born.


Some theorize the world was just enduring a game of Plague, Inc. played by EricCorona

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