JulienDevin in a black suit with sunglasses/ when he says hes going to play flute in a concert band / after graduating from high school /standing behind your shoulder when you look into a mirror at night/ with yellow spikey hair / after his head starts throbbing and his alternative, trained-killer personality takes over / with seven Chaos Emeralds / after eating a flashing star / with all five Devin parts fused together / visiting you while you're in jail / in unrestricted rank-SSS mode / with 300% Magic Circuit / after 9009 hours of level-grinding and optimal stat placement / pointing towards the heavens while wearing triangular orange sunglasses / using the power of science / after you've defeated eight lifebars of him and you're all out of bombs and extra lives and you just want the damn boss fight to be -over- but no, he had to have another phase left.

Julien 13.

Don't tell him he has unconscious control over all events that happen within the realm of HomeworkSuck.

He also loves helping people and going to sleep before midnight.

TheDevinator facts:

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