Once the home of Stumpy and Momar (and the NinjaFish when it is around), TheLounge in East is an entity unto itself and as such Easties often talk about TheLounge as though it were another Mudder. In TheLounge one can also find the Louch, the nice couches (thanks to HarryFetsch at the end of 2018), the gaming TV, FnordJr, the SodaMachine?, the DormFridge?, and a GoodWaterFountain? (which was replaced in fall of 06). To find the lounge, stand in the middle of the courtyard facing directly away from North. The tall windows in the middle of the wall in front of you indicate the location of TheLounge. If you cannot find the courtyard you really need to get out more.

Asking TheLounge when you are stuck on homework is often a GoodIdea. Asking TheLounge other questions may or may not be a GoodIdea (depending both on the question and your personal conception of GoodIdea).

At around 5pm there is a decent chance it will spawn a DinnerPosse that will leave the comfort of East to invade a dining hall that is NotPlatt?, giving Easties a chance to visit the other 4 C's and to get a change from the PlattMatter? at TheHoch. This is a GoodThing?.

Additionally, it is the source of many, many (sometimes entertaining, sometimes disturbing) LoungeQuotes.

See Also: EastDormLounge

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