The evil priest Imhotep (the mummy, for those of you who haven't seen the first movie) has been raised from the dead again, this time by a sinister cult bent on taking over the world.

AlexBobbs: Car chases, shoot-outs, martial-arts fights, scary monsters, cute girls, and overblown effects... this movie has it all. That is to say, it has all the elements for a hokey adventure flick. If you're deathly concerned about the plot this movie probably isn't for you, although I was pleasantly surprised by some very inspired subplots and flashbacks that expanded upon the legend of the mummy. That aside, this movie is all about action, action, and, you guessed it, more action. Fortunately, the action sequences were very well done and varied enough to keep my interest throughout the movie. For the most part, I enjoyed watching this movie with my little brothers, aside from the five minutes of screen time dedicated to Frasier and Weis kissing. Oh yeah, and Diablo fans may want to check out a scene that is very reminiscient of every DiabloIi player's favorite level, the Flayer Jungle. IhardlyKnowEr!


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