Titan AE

Yes, the visuals are cool. The character animation is great (for an American studio), and anyone who says the female lead looks too much like Mulan thinks so only because they're both animated and Chinese. The male protagonist looks just like a dozen other dumb Caucasian comic book dudes, and no one's complaining there. Anyway.... Some of the early scenes on Earth, before it explodes into a million pieces (oops, spoiler...) have truly amazing landscapes, and of course there are tons of special FX everywhere. Overall, good eye candy.

The CG stuff is way overdone though, with no attempt fit it in with the cell animation. With computer graphics pushing so hard toward "photo-realism," this gives a sort of Roger Rabbit look to the movie. They really could have stuck with hand-drawn ships and scenery: less spectacular, but much better overall aesthetics.

Voice acting is good but not exceptional. The use of music and sound effects are mediocre. And damnit, can't we have a decent sci-fi movie (other than 2001) with space scenes that are silent? I swear, a good director could make this work really well. Sigh... <cough> Akira <cough>

The story is a ridiculous collection of sci-fi cliches, crammed into a really short hour and a half. Should have spent more of the budget on time to develop the plot and the characters, and less on special effects. On the other hand, it does have much better comedy than the latest Disney offerings. Lots of good one-liners, and the alien characters (while unimaginative) are pretty good comic relief.



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