Greenwich time is bastardly queer. -- Gene Ray, Cubic

Are you stupid and evil?


The TimeCube is also the name of a tetrahedron made from popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and yellow streamer that resides in DanSmith's room. It was the winning entry for last year's egg-drop competition, made by LinleyHall, IanTullis, DanSmith, and AriNieh. Because it was too fragile to put in EastDorm storage, it resided inside the ceiling of Jacobs 132 for the summer. The TimeCube has seen better days, and it was suggested that we give it a decent burial- burning it, perhaps. During the team's junior year, the original TimeCube was tossed in a dumpster and has presumably gone on to the TimeCube afterlife.

Son of TimeCube was another creation of popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, strings, balloons, and other amusing miscellany. Unfortunately Son of TimeCube did not achieve a legacy of ultimate TimeCube dominance of the egg-drop competition. It is rumoured that Son of TimeCube was an attempt to win both fastest drop and slowest drop on the same run. The egg-launching device was only marginally successful, and photographic evidence as to the actual height of launch is still pending.

All Clock Faces Are Wrong

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