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Quotes of the Day:

CaitlinJacques: "Penguins are not chilies."

AdriSebree: "Pomona is freaking huge. It's just an octopus."

KatieSchmiedicke?: "Raccoons but not animals [can pass though the green glass door]."
ZviEffron: "In fact, they can pass through twice."

CaitlinJacques: "Therefore, Jesus is Fidel Castro."

CaitlinJacques: "Come on, baby, shed those rocks!"

SarahLoeb: "Oh crap, did I just lose my identity?"

AdriSebree: "'Possesses' possesses too many s's."

AdriSebree: "But I'm mostly god."

CaitlinJacques: "I understand the physics homework... for a first-order Taylor approximation of 'understand.'"

CelesteConti: "Your laundry doesn't qualify as people."

GwenGroover: "Does screaming count as peaceful?"

BekyKotcon: (to SarahLoeb) "We should find a really good dominatrix in Oregon."

GwenGroover: "I would hug you if I had arms."

SarahLoeb: (to CaitlinJacques) "Are you doing your math homework while watching porn?!?!"

RichardMehlinger: "Dominatrices? We must go to Mudd."

LaraBackman: "I was talking to the specific heat capacity, okay!?"

BrianaKonigsberg: "When the velociraptors come, I am tripping you three."

CaitlinJacques: "War and muffins???"

CaitlinJacques: "Did I tell you about the time I broke my G-string fingering A minor?"

AdriSebree: "My JAWS are stronger than she is."

CaitlinJacques: "Clearly, my PhySics and STEMs notes eloped, and are going to have unholy hybrid babies."


LaraBackman: "I am speaking in sympathy for all the ladies who are larger chested than I."
DanCiliske: "Those would be mine."

CaitlinJacques: "Blah blah blah, licking nipples..."

CelesteConti: (Referring to LaraBackman and CaitlinJacques) "I need to get these two away from the porn."

CelesteConti: "I am NOT dating a black hole."

LaraBackman: "In normal poker, people don't get naked."

CaitlinJacques: (to DanCiliske) "Dan, I've been trying for the past half-hour to concentrate while the couch is vibrating, and it's failing."

JeremyBrown: "Are my boobs uneven?"

CelesteConti: "Chemistry is cake, religion is a penis."

SarahLoeb: "Kitties! Everyone in the world should get a kitty. That way, people who are lonely won't be lonely anymore, and people who are hungry won't be hungry anymore."

BekyKotcon: "Murder, rape and trips to the bathroom."

BekyKotcon (to HongSio): "Any integer squared is a perfect square."

AdriSebree: "My dad got off having to be on a jury once because of arbitrary vegetables."

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