TimeSuck XIII (2009-2010) consisted of AaronGable, BenJones, EricAleshire, SpencerTung, and numerous others (including but not limited to their girlfriends).


Maximum capacity in private side: 8
Minimum capacity in private side: 2


Wait, you and Sauro had shenanigans with vibrators? --RebeccaYoung
No, and that's precisely the problem! --BenJones

When did I lose my shirt again? --RebeccaYoung

I'll also do necrophilia. -- AaronGable

It's cold outside! --SpencerTung
Well, it's CODE inside! --EricAleshire and KathrynLingel with the simulpun

(Actually, this originated from HomeworkSuck, but it contains traces of TimeSuckXIII, and this page is empty, so I claim this quote in the name of Mars)
(Long, drawn out explanation of an analogy she heard once, where dirty, half-eaten cookies are compared to women having sex before marriage) --KatieBennett
So what does it mean if you like fresh-baked cookies? -Mysterious Prejohnfrosh
But I like fresh-baked - ohhhhhhh, now it all makes sense... --EricAleshire
But what about like, cookie dough? Or cookie dough ice cream? --EricAleshire
Frozen fetuses? -Mysterious Prejohnfrosh

"Whoa, you Markov-generated a threesome!" --EricAleshire (and later that night: "Markov is such a cocktease!")

"No, that's just someone getting raped by abstract art." --AaronGable

"We're not loud unless it's four people! Or three people..." --KathrynLingel

"For science? -- BenJones
"I'm anti-science." -- BenFrosh?

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