One cold evening, EmmaDavis found a stuffed animal/pillow in a small gift shop on the outskirts of Little Tokyo. She doesn't usually buy these things, but she was in the mood for cute things that day (as evidenced by previously buying many Hello Kitty goods). She originally resisted in an attempt to save cash, but every time she looked back at the display, the adorable smiles melted her heart more and more until she couldn't resist. (Also, they were on sale.) But which color to pick?! She debated for a good ten minutes, unable to choose between pink or black or blue, when finally she realized that each had a different zodiac sign, and the decision was made for her. She bought the pink one representing Sagittarius, and hugged it on the train the entire way home. When she arrived at East, frosh suddenly gathered in awe of the adorableness. MengyiTao dubbed it simply ToFu, and the beloved ToFu pillow was born.

It's a giant adorable tofu-shaped pillow with a face. The tag dubbed it a "cellphone holder", but no one seems to be quite sure how it holds cellphones, unless it's referring to putting phones on top of the pillow...? In that case it holds things quite well, but it doesn't provide any more functionality than the surface holding the tofu would...

So far, ToFu has been used as a 'cellphone holder', a pillow when sitting on the couches in the lounge, something to hug really tight and cry into when watching sad TV shows, and just generally something to show off.

ToFu has now also been used in a game created in CS5. EmmaDavis and SarahScheffler didn't really have time to finish said game, however, so it only consists of a hilarious rendering of ToFu zooming backwards as fast as the computer can render it.

As of 2012.03.16, East is home to eight different ToFu of various sizes and colors. The recent popularity of HomeStuck added another layer of meaning to the zodiac sign set: we now have one ToFu representing each of Karkat, Vriska, Equius, Terezi, and Eridan (the only ones of the set in stock at the ToFu shop), plus one even bigger sushi/onigiri-themed ToFu and two mini keychains. Three types of ToFu remain at the shop for next time......

Apparently, ToFus are too large and blocky to fit in suitcases, so seven of the eight ToFus are going to be having a party in Atwood 305 over the summer. Feel free to stop by and appreciate the adorableness.

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