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"You know what I love about East? You can be yourself. It doesn't matter how weird you are, you can always find someone else weirder."


Working for Intel at Folsom on Solid-State Memory in 20nm. Yay positive income.

Originally heralding from Hacienda Heights, CA. Somehow was really good at most things and picked them up quickly, but is never the best. In retrospect, it's probably what makes me apathetic about grades. Also teased for most of his life or an outcast, as a result has a very high tolerance of annoying people. What can I say, I like to look on the brighter side of things.

Currently a GRADUATED psychotic moronic member of Class of 2009 who was around the 50% of the class. Oh, and sold his soul to the Registrar to be an EngineeringMajor.

Completed a Masters Degree (GradSchool) in Computer Engineering at UC Davis (2009-2011). Living with MichaelBraly. Waited 10 weeks for the 2nd revision to his TheSis from his professor. Ask about it and he will complain loudly.


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Website: http://soapboxfornoone.blogspot.com/
E-mail: tmurakami@hmc.edu
IRC: OctothorpeHMC as Spellman
Steam: spellman23

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