Cheeses provided for TrickOrCheese in 2003:

East 103 (RyanRiegel and ChainMaille): A surprise from your resident DormCheese!

East 170 (LauraKanofsky): Vermont white cheddar

East 125 (EliBogart): Havarti

East 127 (DanCicio): Colby-Jack

East 104 (NickHerman and MattGnaizda): Smoked Gouda

East 159 (SeleneTan): Either Fresh Mozzarella or Edam

East 107 (VictoriaKrafft and RobinBaur): (Herbed) goat cheese

East 102 (ClayHambrick): Romano

East 153 (BenjAzose and BrianYoung): Salsa con queso and tortilla chips

East 111 (KatyPerdue): Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar

East 109 (LoriThomas and JulieWortman): Fontina

East 171 (ErikShimshock and MikelGrenzner): the sharpest cheddar we can get our hands on. Don't cut yourself.

Homeless [lounge] (Steph): Blarney. Possibly also chocolate truffles.

East 163/165 (FroshCrackSuite): Brie (the cheese, not the person)

So I was at Trader Joe's buying the brie and I couldn't help but wonder...is cheesecake valid for TrickOrCheese?

East 164 (KevinBergemann and MaxPflueger): Morbieur (I have no idea how to spell this cheese)

East 157 (Paul Scott and Trevor Pickering): Cheese Log

East 123 (RachelGabor) Camembert

East 120/124 (TamaraReimer & JoseluisEspinosa): Dill Harvati + Sourdough Crackers

East 161 (Meghan Driscoll and Renee Campbell): Macaroni and Cheese

East 166 (GregSandstrom and MichaelMaindi): Parmigiano Reggiano (and maybe a guest appearance of some Gouda (if Greg doesn't eat it all))

East 122 (MichaelVrable): Sonoma Jack hot pepper

East 151 (MarshallPierce and BillHewitt): Ridder

East 106 (Jacob Seene && Jason Leonard && Rob Gaebler && George Korir && ...): Mild Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Swiss, and Gouda

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