Should anyone be so inclined, ArthurHall has a crock pot for making your cheese fondue-style. That is, joyous and melty.

Cheeses served for TrickOrCheese 2004:

East 105 (AndrewKouzelos and DonNy): Brie of my choosing, with something cracker-like.

East 119 (EliBogart): Havarti.

East 127 (JulieWortman): Extra sharp cheddar and/or Muenster.

East 164 (Ben Tribelhorn) WSU Cougar Gold - White Cheddar

East 178 (KatieLewis): Some sort of crackers.

East 177 (FrancesHocutt): Colby-Jack

East 107 (JonathanBeall and KevinBergemann): Warm gouda on bread

East 151/153 (TimeSuckVIII): Parmigiano Reggiano, Morbier

East 160 (RichardGarfinkel and WillShipley): Dill Havarti?

East 102 (ClayHambrick): Chevre

East 173 (Jacob Seene): Cold gouda on plate

East 163 (AlanKraut and DavidMorrison?): Mild cheddar and apple.

East 128 (JeffBrenion): Sharp cheddar with sesame and regular water crackers.

East 174 (AaronHomer): Pepper Jack (probably).

East 110,112 (PhilMiller, JeffRubinstein?, and DanielWooten?): Basque Shephard's Cheese, Yogurt Cheese, and Sesame crackers.

East 104 (NickHerman, MattGnaizda): Ossau-Iraty, a DELICIOUS, semi-soft French Basque cheese. I spare no expense for my trick-or-cheesers!

East 123 (LoriThomas): Dubliner, and cranberry-cinnamon Chevre


Would someone who's making a Cheese run take me with you, please? Thank you. --Katie has no carNevermind. I got a ride. -Katie

Hot gouda on fire, anyone?

Also the year of the (unannounced) glorious cheese cock thoughtfully provided by TylerBrown?.

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