A strip club located on Foothill, around 2/3 mile east of the college - just past the border into Upland, surprise surprise. Known for ridiculous innuendo-filled signs.

As of 2008, cover charge is $15, you have to buy a $5 non-alcoholic drink every hour (including your first, making the cover charge effectively $20), and topless lap dances are $25, with full-nude dances $40 and the VIP room (where, alas, there is no sex, though possibly champagne) is $120.

Also known for Scrippsies (and possibly Mudders, though none were observed in the most recent test.) Obviously, these poor young women are attempting to avoid the no-unescorted-women rule by cunningly disguising themselves as strippers.

Lastly, there are a lot of amputees and wheelchair-bound guys there. It's creepy.

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