As I was going to St. Ives,
 I met a man with seven lives.

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HarveyMudders like to play video games, such as:

PC Games:

Console Games:

Flash / Web Games:

Arcade Games:

There has been some debate over what should be classified as a VideoGame for the purposes of this page, some arguing that games like AngBand shouldn't be classified as such. But the consensus appears to be that if you play it on a computer or video game console primarily and the game does not exist in the same form in the real world, i.e. BattleChess? may be a VideoGame but just Chess is probably not. But if you think it belongs here, add it (you're not hurting anything).

I think someone should start making MuddTrail, which is like OregonTrail except it's Mudd.
  You run out of provisions
  You eat Hoch food
  You die of dysentery

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