This script looks for links to non-existent pages, and displays the most popular ones. It involves a minor database hit, so use it freely but don't reload constantly.


Note: not all wanted pages will actually be useful to create. Sometimes it's better to go through the backlinks and change the wanted name to something else. Follow the usual guideline: Don't create a page until you really have something to put there.

As of 6 June 2011, this script is broken and throws a "totally useless error message".

As of the first run of wanted.cgi, MarcyLaViollette is the most wanted person on FunWiki.

"Tied for third!" "Tied with *Sailor Moon*!" (on SteveHaas)

There appears to be something a tad wrong with this. To show an example look at 10th. Given this page at the time it's written, when you run the above program it will give three copies of 10th that are wanted pages. If you click on the number 3, then it will show you five pages that claim 10th is contained within (this page inclusive). In reality, 10th doesn't become a wikipage, but fractions ending in 10th (like 1/10th?) do become wikipages. Now, this might be a mistake in wiki that should be fixed, but at the very least, there's a mistake in the program if it only counts three versions one way, but five versions the other. Just thought I'd notify the proper authorities here. Delete if this gets fixed. --NateCappallo

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