Well, the expansion, WarcraftIII The Frozen Throne, has come out. And it looks like Blizzard nailed it. Most of the things that were wrong with vanilla have been fixed, and the campaign is great so far. Just beat the Night Elf campaign, and it is very shiny. As always, I'm not sure that I agree with all the decisions the characters make, but when's the last time you saw a blizzard game where that wasn't the case?

The Orc campaign is pretty neat, but entirely too easy... at least on Normal. Maybe I should try it on Hard at some point.

Human mission number 3 is approximately the coolest thing ever. Not only is it, to some extent, a puzzle level, it also has a way to unlock a secret level that involves FlyingSheepOnFire?.

More later. Play now.


Maiev is INSANE! But the end of the Night Elf campaign is really sweet. Er, "sweet" like "cute". Or at least I thought so.

I want to create a clan. Anyone interested, leave name, alias(es) and contact info:


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