A CompletionRun? of the DoctorWho spin-off series TorchWood by a group of EastiePeople over fall semester 2011.
Idea by MaryEliseElam. Hosted by MattRichman at his awesome off campus apartment. Episodes provided by EmmaDavis.

One day in September 2011, MaryEliseElam and EmmaDavis magically bonded over their mutual love of TorchWood. This was then followed by the realization that while there are many DoctorWho fans in EastDorm, few have watched Torchwood, and those who have don't think very highly of it (an opinion which we do respect, despite disagreeing). In order to spread the love, the idea of TorchWood Tuesdays, a weekly lounge res, came into existence.

Sadly, no one showed up. But after TimeSuck showed the next DoctorWho episode the following Saturday, people thought, why not try it? And TorchWood was shown. After a few weeks, WeeklyTorchwood was moved to MattRichman's apartment (which houses a giant TV capable of playing 720p and a couch suitable for n+1 and cuddling when Children of Earth was reached) and to Sunday nights, leading to many a late night of homework for frosh who can't manage their time.

Typically consists of three to four episodes a week, plus a trip to Fruizen between episodes, because gelato and crepes and shaved ice are awesome. Also includes relevant DoctorWho episodes/clips.

After the end of Miracle Day is reached, WeeklyTorchwood will be no more, but the spirit will live on as WeeklySomethingElse?, possibly movies Emma hasn't seen, or another TV show. This will probably be decided at the beginning of the spring 2012 semester.

Regular-ish attendees:

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