Welcome To East, lyrics by Ben "BenFroshSquared" Lehman

To the tune of “La Vie Boheme” from Rent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2qpklxK478 PARENTS: Who died?

SOLO: Our Mildred

EASTIES (2): Poor Mildred.

FROSH: I thought Mudd was all about Burying oneself in work So why does this lounge have loads of alcohol and video games East Dorm is just a dorm Why do you give a shit This is just a building What’s so special about a brick

SOLO: Dearly beloved we gather here to say our goodbyes

Easties (2): Dies irae - dies illa, Kyrie eleison Yitgadal v'yitkadash

SOLO: Here she lies, no one cared enough The late great partner of Harvey Mudd On these nights when we Celebrate the love In this little town of Claremont These frosh are new – let’s introduce them Welcome to East

ALL EASTIES: Welcome to East Welcome to East Welcome to East Welcome to East

SOLO: To taking CS 60 Coding python, making Something out of nothing The need to play chess- Play Betrayal, To going against the rest, we’re the best, we are beast To finding tension, conventions, To more than four dimensions, To majoring in engin, Hating attention, hating pretension Not to mention of course, Hating total fuckin noobs. To riding your bike, Midday down to Pitzer Hums To fun - to sketchy alumns- To all alumns – to games - To inertial frames - To any passing grade When the work gets tough it is good to be – part of this community…

ALL: Welcome to East


EASTIE ATTRACTED TO WOMEN: Hey Mister - she's my sister

(skipped dialouge)

FROSH: So games and science Is that it here?

ALL EASTIES: Vice and Feels!

2 EASTIES: To making out with strangers Then sleeping in til noon To sonic screwdrivers, to weekend Barbeque To tetris, to breadfish, to modern classical To Korra, to X-Men, and Dr. Horrible.

2 EASTIES: Emotion, devotion, simple harmonic motion Apollo, vibrato

EASTIE: Pornography and Tacos

2 EASTIES: Compassion, contraptions,

EASTIE: To freshmen just like you!

1 EASTIE: To Sontag

1 EASTIE: To Sondheim

1 EASTY each: To Christians, Muslims Jews

2 EASTIES: Newton, Einstein, Leonard and Bernstein,


EASTIE: Maria Klawe

EASTIE: To the Louch

GAMERS UNDER LOUCH: To Pokemon! Dragon Age! Mass Effect too.

2 EASTIES: Why Elsa and Anna gave us the karma To fuck the patriarchy

ALL: Welcome to East

PARENTS: Sisters?



3 EASTIES: Pansexuals, asexuals, Dungeons and Dragons, queer questioning, Binding of Isaac, Stems, Clear consent Anime, HFA, DNA Les Miserables, Ewoks, Jawas, Funwiki, Schwa The doctors, The proctors

ALL: To enthalpy, to entropy, to empathy, ecstasy Modded Nerf Guns - Timesuck, EDC

2 ANDROPHILE EASTIES: Sucking cock - the man who arranges the blocks.

GYNEPHILE EASTIE: To Vaginas ALL EASTIES: To chats in Schmack, knowing ‘It’s a trap’. To Trick or Cheese


ALL: Welcome to East!

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