Wendy is commonly found wearing a Pikachu hat. Also the founder of FriendlyFroshFriday! HURRAY! SO FRIENDLY! And nothing is more friendly than stomach pokes!

She coincidentally has the same name as Wendy from BreakingBad?, who is a meth addict and prostitute. Also not to be confused with the term "giving a Wendy", which means to provide a service that Wendy from BreakingBad? would give.

Unofficial creator of Sadistic Stabbing Saturday, i.e. Poke Day.

Constantly harassed and starting fights with upperclassmen. Good plan!

Also a best friend slut, apparently. But she wouldn't have ChrisSugino.


Hey, hey woah, woah hey hey woah woah woah hey hey hey woah hey woah

Is the current DormHistorian


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