[I'm probably going to regret leaving this up. It seems very what-the-blazes-is-that-adjective of me. Lunch. Hungry. Feel free to abuse this abominably but recognize I also know that it is bad and was written in a fit of ?wanking?. Must rememeber the rule: KISS: Keep It Simple...]

At the moment I am furious at all the things I never know that are going on.

Rather then throw a rant into the universe, "I think when I graduate I will write up a document on all the things I wish East/Mudd? people had thought to tell me and give it to the next proctor to give to all the poor frosh." But, as I am angry, as in the poem on wearing PurPle perhaps I should start now...

At the moment this is a mind splargh. Much culling and adding needed. Should be more succinct. And yet also more complete.


There are 3 underground channels of communication at East:

Every other dorm has dorm and chat lists: subscribe atwood-dorm-l subscribe case-dorm-l subscribe linde-dorm-l subscribe north-dorm-l subscribe sontag-dorm-l subscribe south-dorm-l subscribe west-dorm-l

subscribe atwood-chat-l subscribe case-dorm-chat-l subscribe linde-dorm-chat-l subscribe north-chat-l subscribe sontag-dorm-chat-l subscribe south-dorm-chat-l subscribe west-dorm-chat-l

The CS System: Most Useful (UsefulComputerSites)


Here are the lists: subscribe cs-majors-l subscribe bio-majors-l subscribe chem-majors-l subscribe eng-majors-l subscribe math-majors-l subscribe phys-majors-l

BTW, the title of this page makes me think of a list of places that ought to recognize Harvey Mudd, say for the purposes of name-dropping, or that ought to recognize it but don't.

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