It seems to be slightly over a year since the last time around (very slightly). I also happen to be SUPER BORED as I'm in that awkward time at work where I just finished one task but we're probably going to lunch in the next 15 minutes which isn't time to do anything substantial....

When and if you see this, add your name AS A MINOR EDIT ONLY.

That is, if you see this within twenty-four hours of post. GO!

Let me re-emphasise: MINOR EDITS ONLY. Let's go for another year of non-fail!

Created: 12:06 PM PDT 28 June 2011 -- ChrisSauro


On the bright side, we survived a year with no fails. On the less bright side, alums outnumber current students by a factor of 7. On an even less bright side, there are only 8 people here. Funwiki seems to be slightly dead and this should be fixed!

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