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Testing PhpWiki 1.1.7...

[ http://everything.blockstackers.com/ everything ] [everything]

link WikiNames like this [[[example] | this doesn't seem to work]]

Can we be creative can create links that are split among several lines.


i]] ...guess not



Well after all, we do have clowns...

Testing, '1', 2, 3
When GlennWillen is bored and doesn't want to do his 21-132 homework, he plays in the WikiWikiSandbox...

An external link to Slashdot [1]. (will show up as [1])

Testing images:



Can we type Bold in italics?

Can we type Italics in Bold?

Can I pluralize WikiNames in italics?

Can I pluralize WikiNames in Bold?

typing... I just hit enter... (why didn't it do a new line)

I hit enter twice, so it'll only add one line now, right?

 How in the HELL do you do a single carrage return???
 Um.  You can't.  Really.  Except in preformatted text (leading space).
 Can we fix this?  Anyone?  Programmers?  Wiki source code?  Newline symbol?  I take offense at this restriction!

Well, what about \ this? Damn. Or \cr this? Or \cr\lf this? Or perhaps '\cr' this? Or even

Funny, actually, that \ shows a single slash, but \\ shows a double slash. We might be on to something here . . .

Well you can do a single carriage return
in block quotes

Let's see if I can figure out the new guidelines for typing the names of non-pluralized pages as plurals....



No, that didn't do it. The first one is confused, and the second one displays the brackets.


Okay, no other ideas yet here. Feel free to let me know if you figure it out.

(the old "six-apostrophe trick" seems to work again: VideoGames)

Four apostrophes also works in most circumstances (as long as there aren't other italic or bold' things on the line), but the new suggested method is to use two double-quotes "": VideoGame""s yields VideoGames

Oh yeah, and what about possessive(sp?) names? Like DanCicio's?

"What do double-quotes do you when surrounding text?"
This is just a random person seeing if this thing really does work.

 And another random test.
 This test actually uses multiple lines.
 And single carriage returns.
 But does it work?

 this work?

This is FunWiki in its new home, on MichaelVrable's account.

Is it possible to make a new page, like PerlNomic, without referencing it first?

Yes. Just go to www3.hmc.edu/~mvrable/funwiki/index.cgi?NewPageName? and click on the "Edit Text" option.?

So how can i make something like |O|2!357 0v 1337 into a wiki name? (It doesnt seem to like the | character).

[[|O|2!357 0v 1337]] ? [[P!2!357 0v 1337]] ? [[P!2!3570v1337?]] [Priest of 1337]? ... so why doesnt it work with ! inside?

compare: [[|O|2i357? 0v 1337]] with [Pri357 0v 1337]? and [[|O|2!357 0v 1337]]

Wondering if capitalization order matters... WikIwiKisAndBox?

Is there any way to make columns?

Does anyone know how to make a word link to lower down in the same wiki page rather then to a different page? For example, list all the recipes at the top of ReciPes and then have it so that if you click the name of a particular recipe it will bring you to lower down on the page? Or something along those lines?

When the text length gets to a certain point, i find it impossible to read to the end of the text in the edit screen (it cuts it short), nor make any edits to the page. For example, DiabloIi just got too long, and GroupStoryTwo has been for awhile. Can we fix this? Does anyone know what's causing this? (Is anyone else having this problem?) --NickJohnson

I am not having any such problem. For instance, I just successfully editted the DiabloIi page. What browser are you using? Maybe it has a built-in camp on the length of text boxes or something. However, the DiabloIi page is getting a bit excessive so I shall probably break it up into two or more pages at some point.

Its IE 5.2.1 for Mac. Does anyone know how to identify the problem/fix it?

Use a better browser?

I can read it just fine using IE 6.0 for windows... I guess that qualifies as a better browser.

What is wrong with me? Oh, I know...





-- no? Oh well.

Hmmm... should add this to TextFormattingRules.

One last thing to try
word 2
def 2
;:def w/o word
def with space

What about tables?


I guess not. Would have been nice, though.

Enabled now. Have fun. --MichaelVrable
Yay! Massive reformatting now beginning! Yay!

Any chance we can use CSS?

What about characters from a char map?

Is there _underlining_?

What happens if we make a page without the two capitalized word rule, like Wikiname?? I think this might solve a lot of the UgLy problems.

How come therer'n't super and sub scripts?

How do I make this work?

Can I make a WikiPage? for myself by typing in SkyeBerghel?


I really wish we could <strike>strike out</strike> text.

Seconded. Maybe strikethrough is like ~~this~~? Probably wishful thinking. Yeah no.

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