The official title is "Wild Arms: 2nd Ignition". Perhaps more accurate would be "Wild Arms: the Extended Dance Remix". While the plot isn't the same, per se, there are a fair number of similarities and many of the groups from the original WildArms have analogues.

My hat goes off to whomever designed the characters--they all (all six of them)play differently in battle (with the possible exception of Brad ("Rudy")), which is refreshing after recent Final Fantasy games (and LegendOfMana, and ...). More's the pity, then, that the game isn't really "hard", for most definitions of hard. Oh, I admit it's gotten better as it's progressed, but that may just be due to my skipping random fights whenever able for the last half of Disc 1.

The music's pretty good, or at least doesn't suck (which may or may not be the same thing), although the only particularly memorable track thus far has been the boss music for Zed's replacement.

Yeah, Zed's got a successor... or, rather, two of them. And (fortunately), they get a bit more screen time than did Zed (who just randomly showed up and tried to kill you three or four times, IIRC). From the dialogue with them it readily becomes apparent that _somebody_ was having fun with the game; the translation hasn't had any glaring issues. And the conversations with Zed's replacement are on quite a large amount of crack... but they defy description.

Anyhow, the plot and overall feel of the game do generally make up for the lack of challenge (although the plot seems to take a nosedive after Disc 1); four out of five stars (unless the plot reaches FinalFantasyEight levels of lame).

Addendum: the game does present some optional challenges near the end, which are actually challenging. Without doing any of them, the final dungeon is tedious, and the final boss is something of a pain. On the whole, whoever is responsible for the Spiral Tower needs to be beaten, but otherwise the game isn't too bad.



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