Chapter N+1: Induction Junction, What's Your Function?

Will Shipley was originally "born" in the not-quite-humble Pundit Suite, later becoming become a member of the fateful TimeSuck6; a position that he will remember fondly, even though it nearly caused him to ITR. Wounded by a Morgul blade, he is currently resting in Rivendell (aka Santa Clarita), and hopes to be back from Leave in the Spring of 2004.

ComputerScience has marked his soul for collection though at one time, anything that didn't involve Chemistry sounded grand, as he hated FroshChem with the proverbial BurningPassionOfAThousandWhiteHotSuns. He enjoys writing, reading, acting, StarCraft, DiabloIi, RolePlaying, Magic, WarcraftIII, and anything where he can be competitive.

He is a CrackWhore; oh yes, indeed, he is. His manic obsessions have included deep forays into WarcraftIII, MetalGearSolid?, AliensOnFnord, and ThatDamnHelicopterGame; not to mention his work with DiabloIi last year, when the QuestForTheBestBowInTheGame was born.

He crafts parodies (which get him threatened), and puns (which get him showered), and showerings (worthy of ballads), and ballads (which get parodied). He tends to be a casualty of dorm meetings; see 'ViolinS' and 'LongGong' for two particular examples.

He is too much enamored of RolePlaying for his own good; a list of his characters, as well as his theatrical roles at Mudd, appears below. (see CampaignList for more information on this pervasive and perverted form of Crack.) He also storms ItrGames every other Friday with duct-tape daggers, is frequently seen at CrackInTheAC, and hopes to get back into the heavier sport of the SCA before he graduates.

He is an avid seeker of adventure, and in its turn adventure is an avid seeker of him. Keep this in mind if you ever end up in a car with him behind the wheel . . .

He now has a [web page]! (of sorts) Peruse it, if you will, and tell him what should be placed there. (He's going to start with his stories and poems, and go from there.)

He also finds it weird to talk about himself in the third person, so he invites everyone else to freely use the second and augment this page.

Spring 2005
Room: LacLab?
Phone: ?
Mobile: (909)-568-4419 Please try my room phone first--my mobile is off during class, not to mention whenever I forget about it.

Campaigns and Plays:

MacBeth in MacBeth, 2001 (or, The Scot in The Scottish Play, if you prefer not to bring the house down)

Belman Wallace in the SagaOfClivesdale, 2001-2002 -- one of the two surviving members of the epic.

Morrigan Drennik in Lori and Steph's campaign, 2002.

Kenneth Janle in the EnorethianChronicles, 2002-2003.

John Proctor in The Crucible, 2002.

Oberon in AMidsummerNightsDream?, 2003.

Coach Rett in EyeOfChaos, 2003.

Corwin Noom in RichardGarfinkel's StarWars Campaign, 2004-5

Malvolio in TwelfthNight?, 2005



XMarksTheSpot? (with Supersoaker)

XMarksTheSpot? (the sequel, Tic-Tac-Toe--as soon as he can find able-bodied volunteers). Well, Tic-Tac-Toe's out . . . but if the X is still there next year, I'll see if I can find a suitable cross product to place around it.

and certainly ManyOthers

Pranks done unto Will (These really should be listed or described somewhere, though I'm probably not the right person to do it.):

PostItNotesPrank? (was it Ariel and Kay that did this? Yes.) + (A bunch of other stuff (pillows in tree, towels in Case, chairs in Cal's room . . .))

Chris & Gabe's prank I involving: inability to open door, window climbing, umbrellas from the cealing, light bulbs hidden with a little tiny flashlight gratuitously taped to the window, text books in the beds, and Chris and Gabe listening through the phone (which they left off the hook) the whole time while people climbed through the window in the dark and bumbled around making discoveries at some ungoldy hour of the morning after ItrGames.

Chris & Gabe's prank II(?) frosh year which was in entirety a small note that said 'you have been pranked' and the appropriate phone number.

TimeSuck7 emptying TimeSuck6's lounge while Will & Cal were playing AlphaCentauri for a large number of hours during a weeklong break.

The LaundryPrank?


Number of Showerings: Many.

Songs: Various ballads, parodies, and such penned at Mudd.


EndOfJourneys my god, it's actually DONE!





QueensSacrifice assisting Steph Grush

RootsOfGraceAndBeauty with Steph Grush and Nick Johnson


Schedule for Spring '04:

 CSCI081-01 HM Computability And Logic  Stone       MW    2:45           3.0
 CSCI140-01 HM Algorithms               Thom        TTh   2:45           3.0
 ENGR059-03 HM Stems                    Molinder    TTh   9:35-10:50     3.0
                                                    F     11:00       
 MATH064-01 HM DEs II                   Castro      MWF   9:00           1.5
 LIT 190-01 HM Folktales                Gabor       Th    6:00-8:00      1.5
 ECON053-01 HM Macroeconomics           Evans       MW    1:15           3.0
 PE  001-05 CM Archery                  Town        MW    11:00-12:00    0.0

                                                  Total Units: 15 -- Ah, Sanity.

(Template pilfered from JulieWortman, who ganked it from LoriThomas, who gratuitously stole it from DanCicio, &c.)

WhiteBoard, anyone?

Get back to work, punk.

"I think I'm more tired than I think I am." hmmm, recursive loops . . . I should know better.

"Sorry about that; I'm trying to pre-spin my pun engine."

"Ok, that scored pretty high on the Tacky-ometer"

"It's pun-dit suite! Even works in French: pun dit" Considering ChrisWottawa's response, perhaps it's more like Pundit Semi-Suite

 Ouch.  Now THAT was wank-inspired. --WillShipley
 Really, no.  That was more of a snipe than a wank. --NickJohnson
 You have to admit, though, there was a wank casing on that sniper round. --Will again

Ha ha! I'm writing on your whiteboard, and you can't stop me. -ArielBarton

Will, you're an elephant now? -ArielBarton

"Damn the inability to convert the bones of the forearm into something that sounds like bucket!" -- WillShipley

"You have to get up pretty early in the afternoon to outsmart WillShipley." -- EliBogart

"He works better with a weapon." -- CalPierog on WillShipley

"I don't want to go to Arizona unless I get to hit things there."

 EliBogart: Will, not to cast doubt on your navigational aptitude, but do you know
 anything about the 142? 
 WillShipley: Not to my knowledge. I know absolutely nothing about it.
 Eli: Not its general direction, --
 Will: No.
 Eli: -- the municipalities through which it runs?
 Will: No.
 Eli: Will, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I think you're on it! 
 (Expressions of amusement from CalPierog, KatieLewis, MicahSmukler.)

 Eli:  Well, Chino Hills is right at the edge of this piece of the map, so
 Claremont should be in the general area of here (pointing into empty air next to the
 Will:  At least there is a map in the car; I didn't even know I had one!

"Well, I slept through brunch, I did CS 60 during the dinner period . . . looks like I get to kill something and eat it tonight."

  RachelGabor:  Will, you're Jesus!
  [long, long pause]
  WillShipley:  Just for the record, what the HELL?!

WillShipley: It depends on whether or not you like hairy guys...

 WillShipley:  I need more BareNakedLadies? in my playlist.  Speaking of which, I need to borrow Pink from you.
 JulieWortman:  You mean Maroon?

WillShipley: Don't look now, but I'm naked.

"Scrippsies: now with dual air bags!"

On the Virtues of Burning Papier Mache Castles on EastDorm Rooftops



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