The real William Grabill

He's away, but only when he's there.

William can now complete Ghouls & Ghosts on one credit.

He has been named Hat Frosh, and has been interrogated whenever seen without a hat.

He has participated in the FnordCompletionRun.

He is a generally quiet sort, prone to bouts of grammar nazism.

He is 1/3 of an East Dorm President for 2010-2011. Also 1/1 of an mtg-l president (owner, whatever) for 2010-2011.

When in contact, he often chooses a benign word whose first three letters become the basis for enough silly clues to choke a horse.

eg: "Does it describe a geometric solid with 'cat' number of faces?"

Times that he has reached his own page while abusing the random page button: 5

Times that he has spammed RecentChanges with his edits to his own page: 3

Times someone has wanked about the editing of this page: 2 (or is it 3?)


"It's like when three people are doing it and the one in the middle gets screwed."


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