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Anyone care to delete the rules discussion seeing as we now have WordGamesWithRules? I'd do it myself, but I'd rather make sure first.

Okay, so there's been a request to actually set some rules, because I've noticed people disliking some of the ways that other people have been posting. The issue is that I see no solution that makes everyone happy, so I think we should choose some rules and start a new one (this one's getting kinda long anyway). So, here are the rules I've come up with:

This game is pointless fun. Rules are unnecessary. I think the half-fudged ones are the most hilarious, because it's so fun to watch them bend over backwards to make things fit. Why not make WordGamesWithRules and leave this be?

Perhaps because a lot of the ones that bend over backwards _still_ don't make things fit, and it's painful to watch them try. Also, some of us who would otherwise participate are anal-retentive enough to be actively bothered by the sillinesses resorted to by others. In addition, it is not as though rules would stifle the creativity displayed by some of the more interesting entries here; it would just make it that much neater when a completely unexpected entry does fit. ...feel free to ignore me, though; I probably sound like a person with a StickUpTheirAss? (or maybe just DouglasHofstadter?). --AndrewSchoonmaker

1) Given a word (n) this word must enitirely be composed of the last few letters of word (n-1) and the first few letters of word (n+1). Thus, each word is entirely from the other two words, and no letters are either changed or removed or added.

2) Given a word (n) this word must begin with the same letters that word (n-1) ends with and it must end with the same letters that word (n+1) begins with. Thus letters can be added, repeated, etc.

3+4) Same as above rules but replace letters with sounds.

Post what people think, or if there are ideas for other rules.

  1. Despot
  2. Potfor Don't ask, you'll get it .... ;-)
  3. Forget
  4. Get them Og!
  5. The Mogg, old Frank, incense and....
  6. Gold, frankincense, and myr(rh)
  7. myriad
  8. Adjust
  9. Justicar
  10. Carbon
  11. Bonfire
  12. Firewall
  13. Wallaby
  14. Behind
  15. Hindquarter
  16. Quarterback
  17. Backpack
  18. Packrat
  19. Rat race
  20. Racecar
  21. Carphone
  22. Phone card
  23. Cardboard
  24. Boardwalk
  25. Walkabout
  26. About-face
  27. Face-off
  28. Officer
  29. Icerink
  30. Inkwell
  31. Wellspring
  32. Springtime
  33. TimeCube
  34. Cubism
  35. Bismark
  36. Arkansas
  37. Anne saw cop
  38. Sock Hopp y
  39. Ea sterBunny
  40. Stir Bunny Stew
  41. Stupid
  42. Piddling
  43. Ling Dork
  44. Door Knob
  45. Noble
  46. Lent
  47. Nth
  48. Height
  49. Eightyone
  50. Yo, Nero, Whassssuuuup!
  51. Rho: a super letter
  52. Earl et 'er bacon
  53. Bake One Loaf
  54. Eloaphant
  55. Antagonizing
  56. Agonizing Pain
  57. Painful
  58. Fulcrum
  59. Crummy
  60. My oh my
  61. Oh my god
  62. god milk?
  63. Milkman
  64. Mantis
  65. Anticipating
  66. I, Pat, in goodness and in health...
  67. Ooh! Dennis an' Din heal thee
  68. Ethan
  69. thinking
  70. King's pants
  71. Span(T.S. Eliot)
  72. Eli o' the Maze
  73. Hemazing grace
  74. Ingratiating
  75. A tingle
  76. Gleep! Gleep!
  77. Epistemology
  78. i-stem: 0 log (y cos(i)), neat?! (My that was painful)
  79. Cosine at acute angles
  80. Less is more
  81. Sis! More monkeys!
  82. Monkey Stew
  83. Tuba Sonata
  84. ...as on a table...
  85. Bleat
  86. Attack
  87. Tackle
  88. Lebowski
  89. Bowski and Arrowski
  90. "and Arr- Ow! Skis!"
  91. Sadness
  92. "Add Ness. And Mario."
  93. Andmar, I owe you.
  94. Whey. Ouch.
  95. Chewy
  96. Ew. You're gross!
  97. Ossifers
  98. I fer Sam!
  99. Amino acid
  100. In oac, i'd age it
  101. Ah gee, its here
  102. Shere Khan
  103. K? Ha! No way! (That's K for potassium)
  104. Ow! A yogurt man
  105. manic word game
  106. Amen old Orco
  107. Noldor codes!
  108. Despot
  109. Potato head
  110. Ate a head of lettuce
  111. Awful, 'tis revolting... (kinda like this entry)
  112. Revolt in Guyana
  113. Uy! A nasty concoction.
  114. Sty, concoct ionic compounds
  115. Icko. Mm... pound stuff?
  116. Tough luck
  117. Lucky Charms
  118. Eat Charma for breakfast
  119. 4 Breakfast is eggs.
  120. Is 'eggs' a preposition?
  121. A preposition is the thing I don't end sentences with.
  122. Is the thing I don't end sentences with a mushroom?
  123. Amish room? Come on!
  124. Come on Eileen
  125. I lean over
  126. Overkill
  127. Kilroy was here
  128. Was Hero slandered?
  129. Osland heard Ed's howl
  130. Ed's how'll get 'em
  131. Temporary affliction
  132. Po' Rary, afflict ion a po' magic
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