Well, this could be taken literally, but it is usually meant metaphorically. It refers to someone who has been left confused and hurt from prior damaging relationships. Wounded puppies tend to have a lot of confusing and unexpected quirks.

There are a lot of them out there. You (yes the one reading this), whoever you are, you're probably one too.

WoundedPuppies aren't much fun, either... ...but they're definitely better than DeadPuppies.

At least you can put DeadPuppies in stew...

You can do that with WoundedPuppies too... and they tend to be less decayed. Sure, they make little yipping noises, but it's stew! Yum!

If you put non-WoundedPuppies in stew, you would probably end up first with WoundedPuppies, and then with DeadPuppies. Three for the price of one! But you only get one at once, unless you add more.

Well, of course you should add them one at a time! That way the other puppies get the wonderful sense of anticipation.

Nonono. Kentucky Fried Fox shouldn't be eaten with the fingers. The fingers should be eaten separately (if you think this makes no sense, you might look at RogueletsAbc).


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